Through the Roots “Bear With Me” acoustic performance

Title: Through the Roots - Bear With Me (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions Author: Sugarshack Sessions

The Through the Roots boys released their single "Bear With Me" which dropped early February 2015 featuring Eric Rachmany from the hit band Rebelution. Since it's release, "Bear With Me" reached a cool #2 on the iTunes Reggae Singles charts. If that wasn't enough, Through the Roots recently debuted an official music video as well as a sit-down acoustic session with the Sugarshack Sessions crew which can be viewed above.

Earlier this month in Wilmington, North Carolina while en route to a show with The Green, the TTR members were struck with an unfortunate event. Their tour bus which they named "Bessy" caught on fire and literally burst into flames while on the freeway shoulder. Fortunately everyone escaped unharmed with only material losses. The aftermath can be seen here on Facebook.

If you would like to help the Through the Roots crew get back on their feet through this difficult time, please visit their GoFundMe page here.

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